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 Hello !!

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Hello !! Empty
PostSubject: Hello !!   Hello !! EmptyThu Jan 08 2015, 16:44

Basic information
Whats your main nickname?:xMikeWazowski
Where you from?:Greece
Class?(What do you usually play? Whats your best role):I used to play bishop and i can easily use mages class(all) and i have some ol's skill's
What's your experience playing this class?:
How much time are you able to play and during what time (example: 4 hours from 18:00 to 22:00):i play from monsy to friday 4 hours and weekends 6 maybe 8 hours
Why would you like to join us?:I am looking for a serious clan to play a serious pvp

Previous Clans ?:Only some server clan nothing special and some java clan(equilibrium , KIDnapping )
Reason for leaving?:A lot of problems with te activity of some players and leaders

Do you have ventrilo?:Ofc and i have
Do you have a working microphone?:As i know
You must be able to understand basic english in order to join us,microphone for ts3/ventrilo is a must.

Do you know anyone in this group that can recommend you?:No and thats sad
Any fraps where i can find you out?:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TY3Yosth_g(Am with the name MaySoN)
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Hello !! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello !!   Hello !! EmptySat Jan 10 2015, 22:42

As the recruitment thread says, we're not recruiting anyone, thanks for your time.

Topic locked.
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Hello !!
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